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PostHeaderIcon Some Weird and Funny Mets News

You’re a Mets super fan (you’d have to be if you’re on this site). You go to all of their home games and, if you get your sports channels through, you’ve followed them while they are away.

And, of course, as every Mets fan knows – even the mighty can make mistakes and listed below are a couple doozies:

Buried Alive
Most Mets fans out there remember the on-field celebration thrown for Johan Santana during his history-making no-hitter. …And then the subsequent tragedy when a fan was crushed during it.

Bill Buckner Mets Jerseys
Not so much a mistake made by the Mets as a Mets fan’s earnest jab at a baseball legend. Obviously, Bill Buckner never played for the Mets but he certainly, unwittingly, gave them a hand when he made a costly mistake during the 1986 World Series that gave the Mets the edge. Long story short: Mets fans created Bill Buckner Jerseys with Mets colors immortalizing his catastrophic mistake.

Valdespin’s Egregious Learning Curve
We’ve all heard of rookie mistakes, but if “dropping the ball” was a job you could get paid for, Valdespin would be a millionaire. While coaches are still optimistic for the future of this player, one must ask just how many games he needs to lose for the Mets before he gets his act together.