PostHeaderIcon Biggest Upset; 1969 New York Mets or New York Jets?

Nineteen-sixty nine was a HUGE year for sports in New York; the Amazin’ New York Mets won the World Series and Joe Namath and the Jets won the Super Bowl. For years, the question has been asked who had the biggest upset the Jets or Mets?

Well, let’s examine both their seasons. The Mets fell behind early in the in the season to the Chicago Cubs before the Cubs collapse and the Mets would not only make a miracle comeback to take the led back from the Cubs, but would go on to win the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles.

While the Mets had to overcame the Cubs, the Jets have to overcome doubters and the Baltimore Colts. The AFL (American Football League) was still trying to prove that they belonged in the NFL. The NFL dominated the AFL for years, that is until the Jets came along. Although most experts predicted a Colts victory, Jets quarterback Joe Namath made a famous guarantee that the Jets would pull off the upset and they did winning Super Bowl III and ensuring that the AFL would become part of the NFL forever.

What the Jets did was not only history making, but a game-changer for the world of football as we know it. Had the Jets not won the Super Bowl, the AFL and NFL may not have ever merged; biggest upset the Jets.

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