PostHeaderIcon Worst Trade in NY Mets History; Tom Seaver or Nolan Ryan?

As any avid baseball fan will be aware, the New York Mets have a recent record that is, well, somewhat unfortunate. Though their mid-20th century lineup was nothing short of astounding, giving rise to the nickname “Miracle Mets”, their trend since then has been predominantly downhill. This can be attributed to a variety of things. Here, we’ll be looking at some trades that can be charitably described as “dumb”: Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan.

Both of these players were part of the 1969 Met lineup that garnered the aforementioned nickname. Seaver was traded to the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 – as part of what was derogatorily called the “Midnight Massacre” – after being a member of the Mets for a full ten years. Ryan was traded after only 5 years on the Mets, though his record was at least as impressive as that of Seaver (Nolan having 5,714 career strikeouts).

Though both players can be considered as exceptionally talented, we should ask which of these more actively affected the Mets. Given the fact that, after Nolan was traded, the Mets’ 1973 season was nothing short of incredible, it seems that Seaver’s trade had the most impact upon the team. Therefore, it can be said that Seaver’s trade was the least intelligent of the two.

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