PostHeaderIcon (Part 2) Biggest NY Mets Disappointment; Bonilla or Vaughn?

Some long time fans wonder who the biggest disappointment was between Bobby Bonilla and Mo Vaughn.

Bobby Bonilla was part of a 1-2 punch, along with Barry Bonds, when both were key players for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1991, Bonilla batted .302, hit 18 home runs and had 100 RBI. Testing the free agent waters, the Mets signed Bonilla to a five year, 29 million contract. Instead of leading the Mets to the promised land, his .249 average led them to a 72 win season. The next season, 1993, Bonilla’s production improved slightly, but the Mets only won 59 games. By mid 1995, he was gone, only to come back briefly in 1999, hitting .160, then working out a deal where the Mets would pay him approximately 1.2 million annually through 2035.

Mo Vaughn was a MVP with the Boston Red Sox. Vaughn’s best season were in a Red Sox uniform. After two very potent seasons in Anaheim as a member of the Angels, he spent 2001 on the disabled list. When the Mets traded Kevin Appier for Vaughn, they should have known that they were getting damaged merchandise. A disappointing 2002 and a career ending injury in 2003 is all the Mets got out of Mo Vaughn.

My thought about it is that between the two, Mets fans have 1.2 million reasons until 2035 to say the biggest disappointment would be Bobby Bonilla.

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