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PostHeaderIcon Biggest Upset; 1969 New York Mets or New York Jets?

Nineteen-sixty nine was a HUGE year for sports in New York; the Amazin’ New York Mets won the World Series and Joe Namath and the Jets won the Super Bowl. For years, the question has been asked who had the biggest upset the Jets or Mets?

Well, let’s examine both their seasons. The Mets fell behind early in the in the season to the Chicago Cubs before the Cubs collapse and the Mets would not Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon (Part 1) Biggest NY Mets Disappointment; Gooden or Strawberry?

With the possible exception of Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden and Daryl Strawberry were the two greatest stars that ever donned a Mets uniform. Not counting Willie Mays, one of the top 10 players of all-time, who finished his illustrious career with the Mets, Gooden and Strawberry will always be remembered for their achievements on the field.

When asked to decide which of the two players was the biggest disappointment, one has to consider their performance both on and off the field of play. On the field, both players were named Rookie of the Year. Strawberry won the honor in 1983 at the Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Worst Trade in NY Mets History; Tom Seaver or Nolan Ryan?

As any avid baseball fan will be aware, the New York Mets have a recent record that is, well, somewhat unfortunate. Though their mid-20th century lineup was nothing short of astounding, giving rise to the nickname “Miracle Mets”, their trend since then has been predominantly downhill. This can be attributed to a variety of things. Here, we’ll be looking at some trades that can be charitably described as “dumb”: Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan.

Both of these players were part Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Who Are the Five Greatest Pitchers in NY Mets History?

This is a great question and by far very easy to answer. I am going to start with my all time favorite New York Mets pitcher, Mr. Dwight “Doc” Gooden. I remember watching him playing when I was a wee child living in New Jersey. That man through a wicked ball. He was amazing! He was a key player in The Mets winning their 1986 World Series Championship. He was also only nineteen years old when he won The Cy Young Award.

Mr. Tom Seaver is a historic figure when it comes to the New York Mets.He was signed as an amateur pitcher in 1966. He received three Cy Young awards in his lifetime. He is famous for leading his team to its first World Series Championship title ever!

In 1966, left handed pitcher, Jon Matlock was drafted to the Mets. This amazing pitcher was known for his shutouts and goes down in Mets history as one of the best.

Jerry Koosman was a fantastic pitcher for the Mets, he is tied for second with Jon Matlock for the most shut outs in team history.

Lastly, we cannot forget David Cone. He still holds the record for strike-outs per nine innings to this day.

Go Mets!

PostHeaderIcon (Part 2) Biggest NY Mets Disappointment; Bonilla or Vaughn?

Some long time fans wonder who the biggest disappointment was between Bobby Bonilla and Mo Vaughn.

Bobby Bonilla was part of a 1-2 punch, along with Barry Bonds, when both were key players for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1991, Bonilla batted .302, hit 18 home runs and had 100 RBI. Testing the free agent waters, the Mets signed Bonilla to a five year, 29 million contract. Instead of leading the Mets to the promised land, his .249 average led them to a 72 win season. The next season, 1993, Bonilla’s production improved Read the rest of this entry »